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– Compact and folding
Magnetic design
Integrated monopod
ShotGuides feature
Active Track 4.0
3-axis stabilization

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DJI OM 5 Mobile Gimbal

The DJI OM 5 mobile gimbal, with a significant improvement over its predecessor, has now been redesigned in smaller dimensions, and thanks to the telescopic arm of 21.5 cm increase in length, more creative images can be recorded with it.
The previous generation magnetic mount can also be seen in this new model, and thanks to its all-metal design, its lifespan and ergonomics have also improved significantly.

This product supports Bluetooth version 5 and after synchronizing with DJI Mimo application, various shooting modes and various functions such as sports mode, portrait, low angle shooting, horizontal shooting, timelapse, dynamic zoom, hyperlapse, panorama, “Clone me“, provides users with slow motion and Spin-Shot.

Short introduction of Osmo Mobile 5

DJI OM 5 is a versatile companion that takes full advantage of your smartphone. It is handy, just the size of a palm, and has an integrated monopod. Enjoy flawless selfies, movies, auto-tracking and more with this device. The new ShotGuides feature even offers creative tips that you can use to take breathtaking photos anywhere. With OM 5 you are ready to master any recording.

What new features does Osmo Mobile 5 offer?

DJI released OM 5 while we were waiting for the release of a new version of its mini drone, the Mini SE, which has recently leaked images and rumors. But as always, DJI has officially introduced one of its professional gimbals without any introduction. This version of Osmo gimbals is equipped with the latest version of subject tracking technology, Active Track 4.0. It uses the same magnetic mount as before, but has an important turning point, which is the video and imaging guide, which can be very ideal for ordinary users. And of course the integrated monopod that allows you to record your favorite selfies as best you can. No matter how good you are at using gimbal or your filming skills, there is a user guide for filming and shooting that allows you to easily record your favorite videos and pictures.

The most important features of DJI OM 5 are:

– Guide to filming and shooting
– Magnetic smartphone holder
– Three-axis stabilizer
– Compact and folding
– Ability to track the subject with Active Track 4.0

– Integrated monopod to increase the length of the device

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Three-axis gimbal in DJI OM 5

The DJI OM 5 gimbal allows you to capture flawless, flawless videos, resulting in clear, inspiring videos and images. The phone slips in your hand without you noticing a shake in the videos or a defect in the pixels of the image. The technology of using three-axis stabilizers is another model of DJI tricks to improve the potential of these gimbals.

The DJI states that OM 5 Gimbal is equipped with the smartest algorithms it has ever developed. And it makes sure that when filming and shooting with Osmo Mobile 5 it does not matter what you are doing, it easily adapts to your movements to record the best videos.

New design with better results in Osmo Mobile 5

The DJI OM5 Folding is lightweight and designed to fit in the palm of your hand. This means you can easily take it with you on any adventure. And for the first time, we have seen the ability to increase the length of the device in Osmo gimbals, which allows you to take all your friends in a selfie or shoot from a new angle with a higher height.

OM 5 is not endangered in terms of quality. It also includes flexible and heavy metal fittings to achieve a premium level and sophisticated design.

This format increase bar easily and very smoothly increases the length of your device so that there is no vibration in the images. The company has tried to make the gimbal handle so ergonomic that it fits easily in the palm of your hand.

As you know, DJI is very careful in coloring its products to make them more user-friendly. And this gimbal offers itself in two colors, white and matte gray. To install this Osmo gimbal on a tripod, at the bottom there is a screwing section that users can easily install it on any type of tripod or other accessories.

Act like a pro with OM 5

ShotGuides automatically detects your surroundings and provides useful photography tips and creative patterns. Even beginners, from recording to editing, can achieve impressive results with this new and advanced feature.

DJI Mimo App to use all the details of DJI OM 5

You need to sync the Osmo Mobile 5 Stabilizer with the DJI Mimo App to get more video and imaging options. After that you can now improve your performance and access items such as time lapse gestures, hyperlapse, horizontal images, slow motion, panoramic images, clone me panoramic gestures, portrait modes and much more.

Always stay in the picture with Active Track 4.0

What has DJI improved with Active Track 4.0? From more advanced detection features to more responsiveness, there’s even a new auto-face tracker for selfies. With such good and reliable tracking, you can focus on your surroundings and enjoy the moment. It does not matter how fast your subject moves, OM 5 with the new Active Track 4.0 feature can easily follow it and save all its movements for you.


OM 5 Smart Shooting Modes

One mode for each moment; This is the motto of DJI OM 5, which is full of smart shooting and video recording modes. Turn every moment into a masterpiece with DJI OM 5 Thanks to many smart recording modes, you are always ready to record everything creatively.

Panoramic and panoramic images of Colone ME

Enhance your surroundings when shooting with panoramic images. You can put all your surroundings in one image. An image that you want can have more pixels in width or length.

Ever wanted to be in several parts of the picture at the same time? it’s here!

With CloneMe panorama you can capture these images well. Just activate this mode and get ready to shoot, the camera gives you a few seconds to change your position and be seen at several points in the image at the same time.

This device also has a Story mode, which is very useful for beginners. Choose a template and follow the instructions to create a stunning short video. It does not matter how good you are at filming, even if you are new to the field.

DJI OM 5 Magnetic clamp

Another good feature of this device is its magnetic clip, which speeds up the connection and disconnection of the smartphone on the device. Two magnetic clamps that support smartphones up to 8.3 cm wide can be easily mounted and detached on the magnetic part of the device. In addition to holding your smartphone, one of the clips has another use. The crabs in this holder have a light feature that helps to see your subject better.

OM 5 Battery

DJI OM 5 has a built-in lithium battery that can be used continuously for about 6 hours on a full charge. The time required to fully charge this battery is 1.5 hours.

Buy Osmo Mobile 5

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