The best accessories to enhance your drone

What are the best accessories to enhance the quadcopter?

The best accessories to enhance your drone

Owners of drones are always looking for ways to improve the performance of their drones and achieve maximum productivity. A quadcopter, like a car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle, has accessories available for it that you can use to improve your aircraft in terms of power, quality, and specialized applications. Manufacturing companies, especially DJI, provide accessories with their products so that users can improve the performance of their devices. Multirotor accessories can be purchased separately. Here are the best accessories to upgrade your drone, based on why these parts enhance your drone.

Of course, at the same time as buying a drone, especially the DJI brand, most of these accessories are offered to you with the drone, but there is also a wide range that you can buy separately.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

FPV Goggles – A must for racing drones

With this device, you get an eagle view and as a result, you can have a better reaction to the movements of the drone. FPV actually means first-person view or live view, which you can get the most complete live view of a scene with goggles. FPV goggles are really new in the world of drones, but it’s safe to say that the experience is unforgettable and something you’ll want to do again and again.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

Watching videos received from a helishot with a smartphone is not as good as Goggles, because this device eliminates disturbing lights, and as a result, you can look at your stories with better clarity. The best FPV glasses available in the market are made by DJI company, i.e. DJI Goggles, which are specially designed for DJI quadcopters. With this account, we conclude that FPV Goggles are the best accessories to improve the racing drone.

Landing pad or helipad

Where should you fly and land your drone? Sometimes you’re on the go, but when your home base is stationary, a dedicated platform to launch from can be a fantastic accessory. For me personally, it’s mostly because I don’t have to land in snow, mud or other irregular and dirty surfaces, needless to say it’s just fun. Besides the challenge of landing on a small target, a landing pad is a fantastic tool for keeping your drone clean and safe.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

Carry bag or hard case

The carrying bag or hard case with its ideal design helps you to easily carry and store your drone along with a set of accessories and spare parts. Therefore, to carry your drone, you need a backpack or hard case to carry your drone more easily and safely, especially if you are always traveling. Therefore, after buying a drone, think about its transportation and maintenance conditions.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

While traveling or hiking, if you come across your broken drone after reaching your destination, it will certainly not please any user. Let’s prevent this from happening by buying a carrier bag.

memory card

A memory card is essential for professional videographers. Few drones have more than 10GB of storage. So before you run out of storage space when filming and taking pictures, use a high-capacity memory card to keep your adventures going without interruption. If you bought a $500 drone, you shouldn’t expect to get a high-capacity memory card with the quadcopter. Having a large memory card or multiple memory cards will help you record more data than your HeliShot can store. Memory card helps you protect your data well.

Controller sunshade

If you look at the specifications of a good controller, the brightness of its screen, expressed in nits, is one of its most important characteristics. It is a bit difficult to use displays that are not bright enough under direct sunlight. But by buying a sunshade, you can use your remote even in the most intense daylight and have the best performance.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

Joystick controller

It is possible to connect different controllers to your quadcopter. Standard connection protocols allow interchangeable controllers to use an external controller to control their drone. Of course, as a normal user, you can easily connect a DJI drone to a DJI controller, but it is not possible to connect a DJI controller to another drone. However, if you are a long-distance traveler, consider purchasing accessories for your drone that include an additional joystick. The joystick controller is one of those parts that you cannot continue flying without.

propellers guard

Don’t forget that butterflies will always break. No matter how experienced the pilot is, propellers are fragile. So before buying extra propellers for your quadcopter, use a set of propeller guards to improve the safety of your drone. Using a propeller guard is somewhat not recommended for DJI drones, all of which have obstacle detection systems. But cheap drones from unknown manufacturers that have low safety are sure to have higher safety with propeller guards.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

If you are an amateur pilot and your drone does not have obstacle detection sensors, it is recommended to buy a propeller guard. Of course, you should also know that the use of propeller protectors increases the weight of your drone and as a result reduces the battery life.

Additional propellers

Although propellers aren’t strictly related to how your camera captures images, buying extra propellers can take some of the stress away. Propellers are among the most delicate parts of your drone that can be seriously damaged and need to be replaced when they collide with obstacles. For those times when your access to quadcopter parts and accessories stores is limited, having extra propellers is essential, especially if you are planning to film a very important event that may be responsible for you.

The best accessories to enhance your drone


The battery is one of the spare parts of a quadcopter, which you can purchase in large quantities for longer flights. In the list of the best accessories to strengthen the quadcopter, the battery has a superior position over all other items. Battery requirements for a quadcopter will depend on your job and location. If you’re using your drone in a situation where you don’t have access to city power, or you’re filming an important event, having extra batteries is essential.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

LED lights

Today, most drones use LED lights as standard for night flying. But if your quadcopter does not have night flight LEDs, you can buy it separately. When flying at night, having an LED light will help you identify the position of your drone easily.

The best accessories to enhance your drone

To buy quadcopter accessories in Dubai, visit the DJI store in Dubai. You can buy all the spare parts and accessories of your drones online or in person at the best prices and services.

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