10 applications of drones in industry

10 applications of drones in industry

Specialized applications of drones in industry

10 applications of drones in industry is the title of the article that we want to address today in a completely specialized way. In recent years and especially in the last decade, the use of drones in industry and various aspects of human life has become very impressive. drones can be used for many purposes today. Multirotors are a very large family that has different categories and classifications.

10 applications of drones in industry-a

For example, tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters and octacopters are designed and produced. But among these, quad copters are very popular and have features and capabilities that are used for general audiences. Using and flying quadcopters does not require any predetermined knowledge and skills and only needs to be practiced and repeated.

UAV is also called an unmanned bird that is designed and produced in small weight and dimensions and the operator directs it through radio control. DJI drone is one of the most famous brands in the world. According to statistics, it is expected that in 2020, about sixteen million drones with cameras will be sold in the world, and the famous brand DJI undoubtedly has a large share in this.
Drones have very important applications in our and your daily life, one of the most important of which is filming and aerial photography. In the following, we discuss the top 10 applications of drones in the industry.

10 applications of drones in industry

What is a drone?

As we mentioned earlier, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are designed and produced in small dimensions and sizes, and the operator can direct and control them through radio control within the allowed radio range. If these drones are equipped with cameras, they will be able to take aerial photos and videos, which doubles their value. Photography and filming from the perspective of the sky is very eye-catching and every audience enjoys seeing them. drone means male bee. The sound produced by the wings of bees and drones is similar. The construction of the first UAV dates back to the 80s. At that time, drones have been used a lot in the field of war, espionage and killing. But fortunately, drones have found better and more useful uses today.

Benami companies and brands have started their knowledge-based activities in this field, and every day we see more efficiency of these products in the industry. The UAV consists of 4 or more motors that are placed in a left-handed or right-handed manner, which can generate upward propulsion by feeding from a power source such as lithium batteries or other things. This is the simple and same function of all drones, but in the meantime, brands can differentiate their products from others by adding functional features. For example, DJI does exactly the same thing, that’s why it has become so famous in the world.

What are the characteristics of a good drone?

Today, customers check many parameters and features to choose the drone they need, and there are a few things common to all of them. For example, flight time, camera quality, obstacle detection system, flight modes and radio range are the most important features of a professional drone. Of course, you should know that quadcopters are divided into 3 categories and the first and second categories are hobby and semi-professional quadcopters. Most of the good capabilities and features are seen in quadcopters and specialized drones. As a drone buyer, every user wants to choose a product that has the best flight and video quality.

Industry and technology will open a special account for these products in the future to improve their applications and consider the latest technologies and technologies for their manufacture. Now we will discuss the ten basic uses of drones in the industry, which will surely play a unique role in our daily life.

1- Filming and taking pictures

10 applications of drones in industry

The most important use of drones is in the field of making aerial films in all fields of cinema, making documentaries, teasers, etc. Before drones entered the field of filming and imaging, they used expensive helicopters or cranes.

In wedding studios, filming with a camera drone can expand the business. Making such videos with any device other than a drone is very expensive. Using a drone, you can record aerial selfies with the best quality.

Travel drones such as Mavic 3 and Phantom, which are offered with low weight, ideal design and reasonable price, are an ideal option for taking pictures and filming during nature trips and trips. In addition, journalists are using drones to gather footage and information for various programs. If you are looking for a professional and affordable drone, we introduce you to Mavic 3 Classic, which carries the name of Mavic 3 and is commendable in terms of pricing.

2- Agricultural drones

10 applications of drones in industry

After filming, the most important use of these drones is spraying and seeding in agriculture. DJA has worked very well in these fields and made multi-rotors with the capacity to carry more than 50 kg of pesticides, the best of which is Agras T40. The tank capacity of this agricultural drone is 40 liters, which uses an advanced spray system to spray and seed about 80% faster than manual mode. The P4 multispectral drone is another DJI company product that provides information for farmers by preparing aerial maps that can be used to identify diseased parts of their fields. Using drones with cameras, you can also monitor your products and identify harvestable products at the lowest cost.

3- Supervision of power supply networks and engineering inspections

10 applications of drones in industry

For sure, you have also observed that there were many problems for troubleshooting in power supply networks and antenna masts, which have a high percentage of failure, and it brought many life risks. But by using a drone with a camera, these problems can be professionally investigated and repaired. Among the products that are suitable for this profession, we can mention DJI company’s corporate drones, i.e. matrices. Advanced DJI drones have the ability to send real-time video to the user. Using this feature, you can receive a live feed from the camera while recording. The use of drones in electricity is widespread in the way that you can detect any failure in power supply networks and antenna towers using an organizational drone.

In engineering projects, drones with cameras are used to inspect projects, which obtain appropriate information from an engineering project with high accuracy. All the projects of the oil and construction companies need the supervision of engineers so that all construction stages can proceed in a supervised manner. Monitoring officers can use a drone to prepare videos with detailed details of a project to send all the information and progress of the project to higher authorities.

4- Making documentaries and monitoring wildlife

10 applications of drones in industry

Documentary production is one of the other useful applications of drones with cameras, which require long range and long flight time. To make documentaries of wildlife where it is impossible to get close to wild animals or to make documentaries of hard-to-reach places where it is impossible to go there, these mini drones can do it all.

5- Aid and rescue

10 applications of drones in industry

Another effective application that these drones provide is providing relief and helping search teams to find missing people. Using these multi-rotors, you can easily deliver food, medicine and equipment to them. The presence of thermal sensors to detect the temperature intensity of an environment and to identify missing people in the middle of a fire is an ideal feature that DJI has considered from these thermal sensors for the Mavic 2 Enterprise series drone. M2E is a rescue drone that can provide users with good services for search and rescue operations by using several accessories.

6- Delivery of goods / transportation

10 applications of drones in industry

There are a group of drones that have the ability to carry high weight and operate in the field of transportation and delivery of goods to customers when necessary. To deliver medicine and equipment to clinics in emergency situations and when there is heavy traffic in the city, these devices save the lives of patients. An example of this efficiency happened in the current situation, i.e. the corona disease, which prevented people from entering the streets and coming out of quarantine.

7- Incident management and fire suppression

10 applications of drones in industry

When an accident occurs, drones can prepare a solution for experts and observers by recording information such as video, image and map of the location of the accident and from angles that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This information helps them to make better and more practical decisions to handle incidents. Cameras, sensors and radars give the rescue team better visibility to find injured people in the rubble. Previously, they used a helicopter for this purpose, which certainly cost more, and due to its high volume, it was difficult to move between the buildings and the surrounding borders. Firefighting drones can also act in the field of professional fire suppression. In this field, Valkra company has launched products that can control fire with a powerful spray system. The spray tank of the Valkera firefighting drone is installed below, which uses a special solution to extinguish the fire.

8- Entertainment

10 applications of drones in industry

In this context, we can refer to cheap drones, which are suitable for entertainment and fun with their reasonable price and few capabilities. Most of the users who use these products are children who do not have enough experience to fly. Flying with these devices is a special and unique thrill for children. You can buy a good toy for your children with a small amount of money. Beginner pilots use these products to become a professional pilot.

9- Preparation of geographical maps and weather forecast

10 applications of drones in industry

drones can also be used in the field of making geographical maps. To prepare a map, you cannot visualize the space around you well, but by using aerial images, you can visualize the elevations and elevations around you. Meteorological experts also use drones to detect the weather, which helps experts a lot in this field. Although their return to the destination may be far from expected, many times they hit the heart of the storm very easily and calculate the intensity of the rain in each area.

10 – Creating order and supervision

Other strategies of these drones include monitoring and establishing order in an area. For this purpose, drones can be used to warn people to obey the law. In recent days, China, as the largest producer of these products, used drones to create order in the days when people were involved in the corona virus and warned people to stay in their homes using these multi-rotors. Since drones, especially DJI’s, use advanced image transmission systems, police have been able to communicate with them online and order errant people to return to their homes.

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