The most important drone accessories

The best drone accessories

The most important drone accessories when traveling and performing operations

Today, we all see that drones are used in many fields. Especially DJI drones that are leading the way in video recording, spraying and industrial operations. But in order to improve the performance of your drone, it is better to prepare the necessary accessories before starting the flight.

The most important drone accessories

When you go on a long trip and you plan to use your drone for filming or any other adventure, it is important to provide the necessary accessories so that your adventure is not half over. You may not have access to utility power during your trip. If your drone runs out of battery, do you have a solution to keep flying? Of course, you will eventually have to return the drone to your location. Or a part of your drone, such as its propellers, will have problems. In any case, you have to stop flying. Only if you take our recommendations seriously and get all the accessories your UAV needs before the trip.

We have prepared a list of accessories and spare parts needed for a quadcopter while traveling, which are as follows:

1- battery

All pilots are anxious about running out of drone battery. Because they have no way to continue flying. They eventually have to land to use replacement batteries. But if you are going on a trip, you should consider the possibility that you may not have the opportunity to charge your drone battery during the trip. However, it is necessary to provide a few extra batteries for your drone. We recommend that you consider at least one extra battery for your quadcopter before traveling, if you want to have a pleasant flying experience.

The most important drone accessories
DJI offers most of its products, including Mavic drones, in addition to standard packaging in combo packages, which comes with three batteries and other additional items such as butterflies and handbags.

2- propellers

Another UAV accessory that you should bring with you when you travel long distances or when you enter a place to film is extra propellers, especially if you plan to fly indoors with many obstacles. The propellers are very delicate components of the drone that lose their standard and aerodynamic state under high pressure, which makes it very dangerous to continue flying in such a state.

The most important drone accessories

Of course, if your drone is a DJI brand, do not worry too much, because all DJI drones are equipped with an obstacle detection system that detects obstacles and prevents the drone from colliding with them.

3- Propeller Guard

As we said before, butterflies play a very important role in UAV flight and yet they are very necessary. If you do not like the image of broken locusts, it is better to use the Propeller guard on your drone before starting the flight. Although these components increase the weight of the drone and reduce flight time, they are very useful for novice pilots.

4- Carrying Case

Are you planning to travel somewhere in the future and want to take your drone with you to record memories during the trip? Does your UAV have many accessories they are difficult for you to carry? We recommend that you buy a handbag for your drone. If you are looking to buy a handbag for your drone, you will surely find many options. By buying a handbag, you can easily carry and store all the necessary items such as UAVs, extra batteries, remote control, butterflies, etc.

The most important drone accessories

5- Memory Card

You will find fewer drones that have a built-in memory suitable for recording long videos and pictures. Except for the Mavic 3 cine model, which comes with 1TB of internal memory. If you are traveling, you may not have the opportunity to transfer recorded videos and images to free up storage space. We recommend that you purchase a high capacity memory card. With the purchase of this memory card, you can safely imaging and record videos.

6- charger care

The car charger is ranked sixth in the list of UAV required accessories. The problems that have forced you to buy a battery will also put a little pressure on you to buy a car charger for your UAV. When you stop filming and continue on your way, it is a good opportunity to charge your drone battery with car power. The car charger provides the opportunity to charge the UAV battery from your car power when you do not have access to city electricity.

7- Landing Gear

It is very rare that you can find a flat place to land. However, to protect the body of the UAV from danger, it is necessary that the UAV be slightly above ground level with the help of landing gear. Some drones do not meet design standards or the quality of parts is very low. If your UAV landing gear is short or broken due to a collision with the ground, it is best to replace it before flying. Of course, our advice for landing a drone is to station it at a certain height, hold it in your hand, and turn it off. Although a lot of dust rises from the ground when the drone lands, there are still many people who land their drone. However, additional landing gear is required for emergency replacement.

8- control Stick

By pushing the control stick in all directions, the pilot commands the drone to move forward / backward, right / left, or ascend and descend. But if you are planning a long trip, it is necessary to have additional control sticks with you. Improper use of the remote control and excessive pressure on the control rods will cause them to break or be wasted, in which case it will interfere with the proper operation of the remote control.

If the drone you have already purchased is from DJI’s products, you can buy all its spare parts and accessories such as batteries, impellers, chargers, remote control and propeller protectors from here, ie DJI store in Dubai.

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