The best Drone in 2022

the best drone in 2022

In 2022, DJI has made another huge change in the list of top camera drones, to increase your access to stunning aerial footage. The most important characteristics of a camera drone are the quality of videos, images, flight time, high intelligence and other necessary facilities for making aerial videos. In this part of its articles, the DJI store in Dubai has introduced the top 2022 camera drones, by recognizing them, you can buy your favorite drone.

1. DJI Mavic 3 – CINE

the best drone in 2022

camera: micro 4/3 sensor – 20 MP
video: 5.4K, Apple ProRes HQ422
Flight Time: 46 minutes
Max Range: 15KM with o3+
Max Spead: 68 km/h
weight: 895g
Dimensions (in folded mode): 22.1×9.6x9cm

Mavic 3 is a wonderful product of dji company, which was officially introduced by this Chinese company in late 2021. The drone is now the flagship of DJI’s Mavic Group. 5.4K movies and of course Apple ProRes for cine model with 46 minutes of continuous flight are the most important features of Mavic 3. By increasing the purchase price, you can buy Mavic 3 cine that records Apple prores videos with a maximum data rate of 3772.
The battery has a high charge life so you can fly more when traveling when access to city electricity is not available. Folding design and low weight are other good features of Mavic quadcopters that Mavic 3 is not without. 1TB of internal storage lets you shoot longer videos.
The standard model of the Mavic 3 is priced at $ 2099, but the Mavic 3 cine is priced at $ 4799, which is about 2.5 times the standard model. Improved video quality, more advanced control and 1TB of internal memory are the most important changes to the Cine model compared to the original version. These additional features have increased the price of Mavic 3 cine.

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2- DJI Mavic 2 Pro

the best drone in 2022

camera: CMOS 1inch – 20 MP
video: 4K
Flight Time: 31 minutes
Max Range: 8km
Max Spead: 68 km/h
weight: 907g
Dimensions (in folded mode): 21.4×9.1×8.4cm

After the Mavic 3, the Mavic 2 pro drone as the former flagship of DJI has been named the second best drone of 2022. The drone is still an economical option for those interested in buying a drone due to its affordable price compared to the Mavic 3.
This drone is equipped with a 20-megapixel camera and records 4K movies at a speed of 30 frames per second. The 100 Mbps bit rate was first updated on the Mavic 2 Pro UAV. Additional features are provided in the Combo Mavic 2 Pro pack. Watch movies in the best quality without delay while you are flying. A lithium battery allows you to fly for 30 minutes continuously.

3. DJI Air 2S

the best drone in 2022

camera: CMOS 1″ – 20 MP
video: 5.4K 30/fps
Flight Time: 31 minutes
Max Range: 18.5km
Max Spead: 68 km/h
weight: 595g
Dimensions (in folded mode): 18×9.7×7.7cm

The third best drone in 2022 is called DJI Air 2S. A drone that in terms of performance and price can be a more satisfactory option for customers. Using a 1-inch CMOS sensor, it allows you to capture 20-megapixel images and 5.4K movies at 30 fps.
Increase flight power and you can fly for 30 minutes with one lithium battery charge. The flight range has increased dramatically to 18.5 km in FCC mode. Although it is more expensive than the previous version, the DJI Air 2, it has increased the level of features and capabilities of the camera so that you can fly more easily than before.
Obstacle avoidance system in the rear, front, top and bottom helps you to fly more easily, and next to it, Active Track helps you to easily shoot moving subjects.  

4. DJI Mini 2

the best drone in 2022

camera: CMOS 1/2.3″ – 12 MP
video: 4K 30/fps
Flight Time: 31 minutes
Max Range: 10km
Max Spead: 57 km/h
weight: 249g
Dimensions (in folded mode): 8.1×5.8×3.8cm

The fourth best camera drone of 2022 is a very compact drone with less than 250 grams that you can fly without initial registration. The most prominent features of DJI mini quadcopters are their compact design and low weight, but in DJI Mini 2, these good capabilities are combined with 31-minute flights and 4K movies to attract more customers. Although the Mini 2 does not have an obstacle detection and subject tracking system, its low price means that it does not have much time on your store shelves.

The Mini 2 now attracts more professional users with 12-megapixel images and a new transportation system that extends the flight range to 10 km. The Quickshot feature is a lovely feature for novice users and helps them capture complex videos at the touch of a button.

5. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

the best drone in 2022

camera: CMOS 1″ – 20 MP
video: 4K 60/fps
Flight Time: 30 minutes
Max Range:8km
Max Spead: 68 km/h
weight: 1375g
Dimensions (in folded mode): 35x35cm

The Phantom 4 Pro V2 was the fifth best-equipped UAV in 2022 against the Moik UAVs, and to date has had a relatively large share of sales among DJI products. Professional photographers and studio workers, who today need advanced technologies to expand their business, have a strong interest in aerial films for which phantom drones are the best option.

4K movies and 30 minute flights are the most prominent features of this drone. Although it weighs a lot, a high-capacity lithium battery can keep the drone in the air longer. Obstacle detection system in several directions and the ability to track the subject in video recording helps you. The Phantom 4 Pro V2 is equipped with a 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor that captures high-quality images. The Ocusync 2.0 radio transmission system increases the flight range and sends the recorded videos in good quality from the farthest flight point to the operator.

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